About Spartan Bodyworks Gym, Barnsley – Fitness Equipment and Weights

Spartan Bodyworks is a gym in Barnsley which was established 26 years ago by Steve Brookes who continues to run the gym on a daily basis. He is an ex bodybuilding champion and won Mr UK and Mr Britain along with many other titles. His vast experience has led him to mentor many bodybuilding champions. However, Steve has a keen interest in taking fitness and weight training to the general public and any newcomers to the gym, of any age, level of experience or confidence will be warmly welcomed. Spartans oldest member is 75 whilst its youngest is 15.

Fitness Equipment At Spartan Bodyworks Gym:

Running machines & Treadmils

At Spartan Bodyworks Gym we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of fitness equipment that caters to both the professional and amateur athlete. We have a large selection of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, upright bicycles and home gyms all available for you in our facilities. We have the top of the line Treadmills for those looking for the best in cardio fitness, these are not some cheap treadmills, but top of the line runners.

Here at Spartan Bodyworks Gym, we offer a wide range of fitness equipment to cater to both the pro and amateur athlete. We have a large selection of treadmills available for the best in cardio fitness. These are not just any cheap treadmills either, but top of the line runners from the leading manufacturers such as Precor, Icon and Spirit Fitness. There is also an excellent selection of elliptical trainers for those looking for similar cardio benefits as treadmills but with a low impact on your joints.

If you are thinking of joining a gym then it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of different types of equipment. Our gym offers training in cardio, weights, cross training as well as personal training and classes. This page will serve as a comprehensive review of the fitness equipment used at our gym to provide you with information on what we have to offer at Spartan Bodyworks Gym.

Customer satisfaction and friendliness is our middle name. We offer state of the art programmes in weight training, one to one personal training, nutrition and dietary advice in an achievable, easy to understand manner which will allow you to attain your goals with ease.

We are a genuine gym, not many of those about anymore, and very serious about results. The personal attention we give to every customer means that we know your face, your training aspirations and your abilities which we can perfect to whatever standard you are aiming at. It is because Steve has over 40 years of experience and understanding that we are able to give you this level of individual support and personal attention. No matter how shy, nervous or lacking in confidence you are, through our friendly training atmosphere your self esteem will flourish.

This is a family business and is run with lots of passion and enthusiasm.Alongside Steve is his wife Liz who takes the happiness of all members very seriously and helps to bring the feel good factor to the gym.Liz is also on the goverment reps register being a fully qualified instructor.

Steve’s qualifications are of the highest order. Steve started sports at school and became a National level 400 metre athlete. .He was then a champion bodybuilder and undefeated for over 10 years. He is a government recognised Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor and can be found on the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Also working in the gym is Adam Healey who has Edexel Level 2 Nutrition, Resistance and Fitness Training and Level 3 Higher Sports Leadership.

The gym also has William Doyle who is a Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. He is also government recognised and on the Register of Recognized Exercise Professionals.

The gym complies with all Disability and Health and Safety Laws.

We are so confident of our service and the success that you will achieve, that we do not have contracts or any joining fees; daily pay as you go training is available but you can become a member if you wish. Whilst you are a member you will receive continued support, encouragement and assessments to ensure that you continue to make progress. Please come and see us in action to discuss your aspirations.